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On September 28-29, 2013, a group of scientific thought leaders and innovators met in University Park, Los Angeles to ask “What is the Future of Scientific Research?”

Explore the future of research via the event livestream:

Day 1:

(Todd Richmond – USC-ICT: Elizabeth Ions – Science Exchange: Sean Seaver – p212121: Hemai Parthasarathy – Breakout Labs: Barry Bunin – CDD: William Gunn – Mendeley)

Day 2, part 1:

(Brian Nosek – UVA/Center for Open Science: Joseph Jackson – Bio, Tech, and Beyond: Kaitlin Thaney – Mozilla Science Lab)

Day 2, part 2:

(Liz Silva – PLOS: Cory McLean – 23andMe: Mark Hahnel – Figshare: Cindy Wu – Microryza)


Thanks to our Sponsors:SciTechTSponsors


This event was organized by the Research2.0 initiative

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